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A few months ago I had a meeting with a company that has been a client since the beginning of my career.

They told me that they still use the pictures I shot for them 19 years ago in their campaigns and communication: “Because they are timeless and of the highest quality.”

I started to check several other clients. And I came to the conclusion that my images have a long lifespan.

So I ordered a study and it showed that 80% of my images are being used 10 years or more. 10 % is being used even longer and 5 % for at least 5 years.

In the commercial circuit they start there life as a present-day, or news item. And after that they are used for decades as a witness or a reference .

From that point of view quality professional photography is not a cost but an interesting durable investment.


And as sustainability covers durability next to environmental and ethical issues I dare to state that:



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