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Let me help you promote your projects : put them in the spotlight, stand out on the web, make the difference in publications.

Let me help you enhance your presentations, with great images.

Win a competition, beat the competition.

And get new projects in.


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Do you know how people react to a written message that contains a spelling error ?

Almost immediately the messenger looses credibility and is perceived as unprofessional.

We all know that images are more direct. And say much more than words.

So, can you imagine how people react to crappy pictures ?


Let me, as a skilled and experienced architectural photographer get your message across. At the first glance.

Let me help you make the best, first and lasting impression.



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Good consultation is essential to translate your vision into stunning images.

Starting from that vision I will shoot the best interpretation of a project, within the limits of timing, budget and technical possibilities.

To make this possible I sort out the most ideal circumstances and use only the best professional materials.

A state of the art digital medium format camera and high resolution DSLR cameras with lenses specially designed for architectural imaging.

Images are delivered via Wetransfer or on DVD-rom in the highest printing resolution and in several different resolutions for every digital application.





In my architectural photography I try to translate your intentions and visions as a creator/client in to creative images with impact .

I will create a visual experience that supports and enhances your story and marketing .

With laboured camera positions, eye for detail, light, lines, forms, colors and shades





After specialising in location- and more specific architectural photography, during apprenticeship, I started as an independent photographer in 1993.

My main assignments consist of on site photography of: buildings, interior design, architectural models, construction sites, industrial installations, products and art.

This for clients such as : architects , interior designers, development and building companies, museums, artists, magazines, publishers, banks, supply companies for the building industry, government and secondary industries.

In 2002 my work as an architectural photographer was awarded with the prestigious QEP-label.

In 2005 I received the highest European distinction for professional Photographers : Master-QEP.

Over the years several of my pictures won a variety of international awards.

Since 2007 I work under the company name ‘Lumecore’.