New resolutions

New resolutions

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2019, a new year comes with new resolutions.


I’ve taken one of them literally :

To offer my customers unparalleled image quality and to keep up with the latest technology I’m upgrading my Phase One IQ 100MP digital back to the new  IQ4 150 MP.

With it comes a range off image, color, noise and colorcast improvements and another 22% increase in resolution up to 14204 x 10652 active pixels.

The flexibility afforded by such image resolution opens new large-scale printing possibilities, as well as providing the flexibility and convenience to crop and scale images to previously unimaginable levels.

I’ll be the first architectural photographer in the low countries, probably even in Europe, working with this ultimate tool.


Eco-resolution :

Being an architectural photographer I’m on the road a lot with a bunch of material. The most practical solution has always been a van.

Problem with vans is that the large majority of them are diesel powered.

I did a lot of research looking for practical and economical alternatives . Unfortunately electric vans are very expensive and have a limited range and on the long term their batteries are not environmental friendly.


Finally I came across and purchased the CNG powered Volkswagen Caddy Max with a range of 650 km on a full tank.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is still a combustible but at present the most eco friendly one. It has less CO2 emission than the newest diesel engines, emits less small dust particles and less NOx.

In the nearby future this car can also drive on converted biogas (green gas) making it as good as CO2 neutral.


I’ve always gone the full 100 % for my customers and from now on I’ll keep doing that with 11 % less CO2 emission, 77 % less small dust particles, 90% less NOx and 22% MORE pixels


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